As far as I can remember art has always been something I’ve been drawn to. Always inspired by color and aesthetics, to create beautiful things others could appreciate in an attempt to recreate the feeling that art makes me feel. However, I had never really been a digital creator or designer of any sort, and quite frankly never really thought about being one until the moment to decide what I wanted my university career to be came. Before then I thought I didn’t want to pursue an education in things I was already familiar with- traditional art. I felt as though I would not be taking advantage of the learning opportunity if I had remained doing something similar to what I already did. But now I see I had no idea what graphic design was, what it meant, and all it involved. All I thought it to be was advertising, selling, nothing more than a business aspect- marketing, but as my education progressed, so did my understanding of it, and the more I understood it, the more I noticed it around me, with a growing desire to be a part of that. I realized design is everywhere, in everything, so much more than a picture with words. With these realizations, I became inspired and wanted to create more beautiful, helpful, and inspiring work, to reach more people, to make a positive impact in my communities. Personally, I believe art and design is something that is individual, yet able to be understood universally, to communicate with the audience you’re creating for. When creating I try to understand my subject, understanding who I’m doing it for, what is trying to be said, what I want people to take from it. This allows to begin brainstorming to then conceptualizing, and from there these ideas coming to fruition. It is nothing less than a trial and error every step of the way, making corrections, adding or subtracting elements, but it’s a beautiful process, being able to see what was only an idea come to life.
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